Today I went to Ward’s (health food store in Gainesville, FL). The place is awesome. Their deli has ribs, BBQ chicken wings, and brisket! I bought some BBQ chicken wings from there today and I’ll say that they were the best chicken wings I’ve ever had. It might’ve been because I was starving but the chicken was literally falling off the bone. The wings had a nice smoky flavor but they were lacking a little sodium. The skin was perfect though. It wasn’t too fatty like how some chicken wings can be where you get a quarter inch of fatty skin and little meat. I ate all the cartilage off the bones too. My dad would’ve been proud of me. I would’ve taken pictures but I don’t know where my camera is. I think I left it in Sarasota.

Their seafood section looks good too. They had some nice looking fish (whole perch) and fresh large shrimp. Maybe I’ll try a salt baked fish one day. I’ve wanted to try this Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimp recipe from the Pioneer Woman Cooks also. They’ve also got spices and dried beans they sell by the pound. I’ll have to get some lentils and bay leaves to make some sambar (South Indian lentil soup with veggies). The only time I’ve tried it was at Dr. Shah’s house when I made dinner. Dr. Narayanan (Head of the Religions department at UF) brought sambar and basmati rice to go with it. The rice was cooked with ghee, cloves, cinnamon, and I think fennel seeds (could’ve been cumin, they look alike). The sambar was basically a soup with lentils, tomatoes, and assorted veggies. The lentils were broken down and gave a nice gritty texture that was filling and heart warming. Apparently, sambar is a very common South Indian dish that’s eaten almost everyday with meals. It seems like a simple recipe too, but it was so good.

I’m so glad I live close to Ward’s now. This is going to be great! It’s alot cheaper than Publix too and all the produce is local!

I’m getting hungry again. Time for a nice glass of warm milk and then sleep!

Love and Peace,



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