Kazu’s for lunch

Tuesday afternoon, I went to Kazu’s for lunch with my good friend Gan. The place is pretty small; it has 4 tables of 2 people and 2 tables for larger groups. It’s always packed every time I go. During dinner time, there is usually a wait. The decor inside is nice, it feels like a Japanese restaurant. Most of the menu consists of Japanese appetizers, rice bowls, noodle bowls, salads, and sushi. I really like going there for lunch because they have bento boxes for lunch and their lunch specials are cheap. You can get two rolls for $9.25 and most of the bento boxes are all under $10.


I got the siesta roll (tempura shrimp, cilantro, spicy sauce, avocado) and the spicy tuna roll (spicy tuna, cucumber). I thought it would be weird having cilantro in a roll, but the siesta roll has to be one of my top 3 favorite rolls. The cilantro and the spicy sauce go really well with the tempura shrimp and avocado. Kazu’s sushi menu doesn’t have too many specialty rolls and the ones they do have don’t really appeal to me. Their basic rolls, ones you’ll find in almost every American sushi joint, are really good though. The rice is always consistent and they’re perfectly seasoned and cooked. Nothing ruins a roll like improperly cooked rice. I really like the tempura shrimp they use in their rolls. As you can see from the picture, you get huge tails sticking out for maximum crunchiness.


Gan got the snapper katsu bento. It came with potato salad, salad with ginger dressing, rice, and sauce. You also get a miso soup with every bento. I didn’t really like the sauce, it was too vinegary. The katsu was really crunchy, light, and not greasy at all. The same salad with ginger dressing came with my two rolls. I’ve never been a big fan of ginger dressing and this one didn’t sway my opinion. I don’t mind the taste but the mushy, gritty texture of the dressing feels weird in my mouth.

I would definitely recommend going there for lunch or dinner for some quality sushi, but you can’t beat their lunch specials. You can choose from 6 rolls (tampa, california, mexican, siesta, spicy tuna, crab lagoon) at two for $9.25 (also comes with salad) and most of their bentos are under $10 (comes with miso soup). If there was one near where I lived, I would definitely go there at least every other day.


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