be patient!

I’ve got about 5 posts planned spread throughout the upcoming week. If you can’t wait, go over to my flickr photostream on the right and you can see what I’ve been up to. At the rate I’m going, I might need to upgrade to the Pro account soon since it only lets me upload 100MB per month on a free account. I could either resize my pictures before I upload them (right now they average 1.5-2MB a pic) or upgrade. I think the Pro account is worth it though at $25/year. Donations welcome!


5 thoughts on “be patient!

  1. Zaw!

    Today is my dad’s birthday so for breakfast I made him an Einstein’s Bros knock-off but better…I took 2 thick slices of sourdough…buttered them up and sprinkled shredded cheese over the tops and placed under broiler…next I fried an egg, two slices of canadian bacon, and a turkey sausage patty (halved). I then layered these bad boys on the cheesy bread and cut in half…my dad swooooooned!

    Next, I got inspired to make a delightful sweet potato dish for New Years dinner…I’m going to boil several sweet potatoes then mix in sugar and butter a bit of maple syrup….add in some milk, an egg or two, some walnuts and pour into casserole dish. Then I will top it off with marshmallows and more walnuts and place in 350 degree oven so the marshmallows toast up a bit! This will be a semi-healthy dessert/side-dish.

    I’ll do my best to make pix and send to you (if I remember) 😛

  2. ***forgot to mention that the boiled sweet potatoes will get mashed up into a creamy consistency….but I figure you got that anyways 😀

  3. Sounds like a hearty breakfast sandwich but no veggies? Maybe a tomato slice and sauteed mushrooms would be a nice addition. Then you’d have a full breakfast in sandwich form.

    The sweet potato casserole sounds yummy, until I saw your addition of marshmallows. Then I thought, this is another “I’m going to add Kashi whole grain oats to brownies and make them weird” Darya creation. I hope you have a fantastic NYE dinner and I’m looking forward to those pictures. Your dessert is going to put your guests on a sugar high! Might I suggest that you serve it with an ice cream scoop and drizzle maple syrup on top for presentation?

  4. No! Marshmallows to sweet potato are like peanut butter to jelly or ketchup to french fries! It just WORKS! Ice cream and maple syrup is for apple pie….(which might just be my next inspiration!)

  5. Well not with a scoop of ice cream, I mean like in scoop form like the Krishna semolina dessert.

    And no. Marshmallows are weird and do not belong in anything. I haven’t eaten a marshmallow in at least 5 years and don’t plan to do so anytime soon.

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