Here’s my breakfast from a few days ago. I had pancakes with raspberry preserves, tomatoes, and sausage.


This is how you make perfect pancakes. The main thing is to keep the pan on low-med heat. If you are using non-stick, you don’t need any oil. You could dab some oil on a napkin and smear the pan if you want, but too much oil will make uneven cooking and make the pancake blotchy. When all the bubbles have risen to the top and the sides are cooked, it’s ready to flip.

ready to flip!
yummy pancake

This is how I make my drip coffee. I don’t trust the water reservoirs on coffee makers, they’re always dirty and it’s a chore to clean them out. With my method, the elution time is about 30 seconds and you only need to rinse the strainer clean after disposing of the filter and solids. The mug reassures me of my engineering capabilities. I’m not sure if I’ve learned anything from my engineering classes.

i'm an engineer!

I hope everyone has a good new year’s eve.

Love and peace.


4 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. personally, i buy Taster’s Choice instant coffee, mix it with 2% Organic Valley milk and a few splenda packets and i’m a happy camper….instant has been my dietary staple for years now….no strainer needed 😉

  2. Lol, at Sharkey’s we had Sunday Brunch and the person that usually makes the pancake always drenched the electric skillet with pam and, in turn, made soggy pancakes. It was gross. Also, thanks for the coffee strainer idea. Amy and I tried to make thai ice tea but the tea leaves were too small for any strainers that we could find (I think they actually strained them with socks in Thailand, clean ones of course :P). I think this coffee strainer deal would work.

  3. In Burmese coffee shops, I think they used like really fine cheese cloths in place of coffee filters. Those might be what you are thinking of as socks.

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