In Vitamin C We Trust

It’s the peak season for tangerines right now and I just bought some. They are godly. I was surprised though, most the segments I ate were seedless. I only got 3 seeds in one whole tangerine. They are definitely the easiest to peel out of all varieties of orange. Not necessarily the tastiest, but their taste to easiness ratio is way high on my fruit chart. This XKCD comic is clearly wrong. The best part about tangerines is making that first puncture in the top. It’s almost sensual, the process of peeling a tangerine. Also, they’re good for you. Linus Pauling took 3 grams of Vitamin C day to prevent colds. I don’t care if there is no research that proves it. I believe in Linus Pauling! Every good scientist needs a quirk. Linus Pauling was crazy for Vitamin C. Nikola Tesla had OCD. I need to find mine.

What are you still doing reading? Go get some tangerines. Now.


2 thoughts on “In Vitamin C We Trust

  1. Lol!! Very creative. Don’t want to cook and comment on it? Why not just draw a pic and comment on that? 😛 Lol, but it’s cool though. I like it a lot. You should put durian in there though…yum! Oh and for your lil quirk, I’d say u should make it…hmmm, I’m out of ideas…internet videos? Macs? You can pick up an instrument. Cooking! There we go! Make it cooking. Once a week, you have to try a new recipe. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore…night dude. I really do like the diagram btw.

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