South Garden in Haile Plantation

One day I was shopping at Oriental 88 and I saw a menu for dim sum posted on the store window. Ever since I saw that, I’ve been looking for any excuse to try the dim sum. South Garden has been open for 2 years but they only recently started serving dim sum. The location isn’t ideal for attracting customers since it’s far from UF and I don’t see many Asian students driving to Haile Plantation to get dim sum. Haile Plantation is awesome though, it’s this community in west Gainesville that almost feels like a small town where everyone knows each other. As Darya mentioned, it’s like the town that Gilmore Girls takes place in.

Clockwise: taro cake, har gow (shrimp dumplings), and spare ribs.

Egg tarts and stuffed eggplant.

Shrimp rice noodle rolls with a sweet soy sauce and bok choy.

Pan fried chive dumplings.

The taro cake was a little weird. This was the first time I’ve seen it made with so much taro. All previous versions I’ve had, including my mom’s, had less taro and more rice flour. The two dishes I always order to judge a dim sum restaurant are har gow and spare ribs. The har gow was good but the spare ribs didn’t pass my test. There was too much sauce on the ribs. I like them lighter with just a little bit of black bean sauce. Overall, I enjoyed everything except for the spare ribs. The prices were fair and I would definitely go back again.


3 thoughts on “South Garden in Haile Plantation

  1. I think my favorite has to be the shrimp rice noodles…and i now believe i have a severe predilection to bok choy….who knew four simple ingredients could make a pretty darn tasty dish….

    i went to the “sisters” cafe in haile plantation….all i can say is they have INCREDIBLE food….the raisin nut bread, the polenta pudding, the nutella crepes, the turkey sausage and omelet…man…it was divine….but the price – not so much. the portions were teeny tiny so that’s my only negative remark…outside of that…the little town ambiance was perfection!!!

  2. Man… I miss har gow. I have not had that in so long. And the Shrimp Rice Noodles. Hoh man.
    I wish Tallahassee had some authentic Chinese food restaurant.

    I’ll have to go to Tampa.

    Good deal, man.

  3. @Ted

    Dude, the one in St. Pete is so good. There’s a good one in Tampa too. We should go there when we go see Louis CK.

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