Bo Kho!

Here’s some Bo Kho I had at a noodle shop in Chinatown NYC. I was originally hoping to get a nice bowl of ramen at Ippudo (rated one of the top ramen shops in NYC) but my aunt took me here instead. I can definitely say it was well worth it at only $5 for the bowl, while ramen would’ve cost me $15. This was my first time eating Bo Kho as well. I wasn’t sure what sort of flavors to expect but it was kind of like a french beef stew with Vietnamese flavors. I liked that the noodles were freshly made as opposed to dried.

Tender beef tendons. Yummy.

Vietnamese egg rolls and fried stuffed bean curd.

So goooooood. I’m going to try to make this very soon. I think the wide rice noodles are a perfect fit for this dish. My aunt says she prefers egg noodles but I never like egg noodles in anything but wonton soup.


1 thought on “Bo Kho!

  1. Man, good ramen is hard to find. That looks sooo good. Call me over when you make it. Actually, make it, post it here, and I’ll replicate it for myself. 😀

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