Woodberry Kitchen

There are two places that stand out in my mind when I think of the my best meals, Woodberry Kitchen and Momofuku. I got to eat at Woodbery Kitchen two years ago I was in Baltimore doing research at Hopkins over winter break. This meal and the restaurant holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. First, it really changed my view of dining out. That the setting and ambience of a place really adds to the dining experience. The restaurant has an open kitchen with a wood-fired oven at it’s center. I was seated facing the kitchen which made me feel ever so happy inside. One wall of the restaurant you will see jars of pickles and sauces that the restaurant produces when ingredients are available and stores year round. So they act as a kind of decoration and storage. Second, I learned to appreciate the ingredients. It had never occurred to me how quality, freshness, and seasonality of ingredients mattered until I tasted beets and radishes at their peak. Woodberry Kitchen prides itself on using only ingredients from the state of Maryland. If I remember correctly, the only thing they source from out of state are lemons. The restaurant also does meat curing in house. I’m not sure if I would call this a farm-to-table place but it definitely has the qualifications. The excellent food and setting was only made better by my company at the time. I’m really looking forward to visiting this place again.


Cabra la mancha. A soft-ish goat cheese. Quince jam. The bread basket was pretty cool. I don’t exactly remember what they were but there were 3-4 of them.


Beet salad. This was the first time I have had beets and no beet I have eaten have ever matched in terms of sweetness and tenderness.


Simmental-Angus feef tartare. Another first.


Radishes with ranch. These were milder than the sliced radishes you can get in grocery stores.


Beef heart and celery root. Another first with celery root.


Wood-fired pizza.


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