In case you didn’t know…

…I LOVE tacos. The Twin-Cities are kind of lacking in the taco department but the best I have found are the ones from Taqueria Los Ocampo (though they are still no match compared to La Tienda in Gainesville <3). They have multiple locations but I have been to the Lake St one which is more of a fast casual place that is usually always busy and the one in St Paul which is more like a sit down restaurant. I usually always get the Al Pastor taco which is my favorite style.

These are from the Lake St location. The Al Pastor here tends to be a tiny bit dry but still enjoyable.
2012-03-11 19.38.37

These are from the St Paul location. I would say these are a grade above the ones served at in the Lake St location.
2012-05-13 22.37.53


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