Ward’s BBQ meats

I had some BBQ meats from Ward’s and potatoes for lunch a few days ago. I reheated the BBQ pork ribs and chicken wings in a pan to render some fat out. Then I pan fried some organic yukon gold potatoes in the fat and seasoned the potatoes with some salt and pepper. Delicious! The chicken wings were falloffthebonefingerlicking good. The pork was tender, juicy, and enticingly pink.

I like yukon gold potatoes better than other varieties because they have less starch and I don’t like starchy potatoes. Don’t hate me but I can’t stand baked potatoes and mashed potatoes. On top of that, both those preparations have a ton of butter too. Yukon gold potatoes have less starch and higher sugar content so they’re great roasted or pan fried. Because of the higher sugar content, the outside browns beautifully and the gold color is a lot more pleasing to look at than a starchy white potato. They also have a slight buttery texture that’s not overkill like some mashed potatoes I’ve had are.

ribs, wings, potatoes

In my attempt to maintain a balanced diet, I had a large tomato (not pictured) as well. The vine ripen tomatoes from Ward’s are absolutely delicious. Since they’re grown locally, they actually ripen on the vine instead of during shipping. I’ve been eating a lot of raw veggies as snacks lately and I’m wondering if I could manage a raw food diet. It’d be a fun experiment. Wiki says I only need >60% raw food in my diet to be considered a “raw foodist” but I want to go all the way. I’m curious to see how my body would react and how I would feel on the diet. I want to try it for about a week or two, but I’ll have to do some research on what to eat and what supplements to take. The only thing I’m worried about is losing weight on such a diet. I can’t imagine how many raw veggies I’d have to eat to sustain my normal caloric intake. Any nutrition majors out there ;)?

Happy New Year, everyone.