more tacos and booze

Since I was in the Chelsea neighborhood, I thought I’d stop by Chipotle for a drink and try their menu. You might be wondering why I would be eating at Chipotle at all places when I’m in mothereffing New York City. Well Nate Appleman, James Beard Award winner and of Food Network (Next Iron Chef, Chopped, etc) was hired by Chiptole to work at this location and to use it sort of as a test Kitchen. For one thing, this location is one of the few that serve margaritas. Another difference is that they have a flaptop instead of a grill that is standard at other Chipotles. I would presume that since Nate Appleman has a hand in the operations, the meats at this place might undergo a different preparation. When I went, they had chorizo as an option in addition to their regular menu. The chorizo had nice char and spice but I thought it was way too salty. That was the thing that killed it for me. Then again I might have been overloaded from salt with the Patron margarita.

Tasty margarita but the salt killed the tacos.


By the way, if you are a fan of Chipotle, you should move to Manhattan. There are dozens of them there! I could’ve sworn I saw a Chipotle on every block. I think Denver might have Manhattan beat on the number of locations but Manhattan has to have the highest Chipotle-per-area density in the US.[see Figure 1]

Figure 1. Chipotle locations in Manhattan