I don’t want to admit this but I am not good at grilling. This was a last minute get together on a 4th of July weekend. We had decided to take inventory and grill up whatever vegetables and meat we had on hand. Between Avijit, David, Joe, and I wen ended up with a pretty good portion of food.

2012-05-28 19.35.34

2012-05-28 19.40.12

This probably shouldn’t happen. Too much lighter fluid! Need to get me a chimney starter one of these days.
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Crepes party!

Yesterday I went to a crepes party hosted by one of my friends. On the table are plain, vanilla, orange, and almond crepes along with various fruits, jams and toppings. I brought along a bottle of Black Mountain pinot noir. I have zero taste when it comes to wine so I can’t comment on any specific qualities of the wine but I just remember it being good…

It was the first time I had eaten yesterday, at 3pm, so I loaded up on all the fruits and toppings I saw and must’ve eaten my age in crepes!

Picture: crepe number one. Not pictured: a dozen more after that.

sawadee krup

This is an oldie. Almost two years ago. Gan made this “fried rice” with sausages,green peppers, cauliflower, and brown rice. He also decided to cook it in a stock pot so it wasn’t really fried rice. If you’re reading this, IT WAS DELICIOUS. *cough*

He redeemed himself with the beer battered fried chicken and fried potatoes.