First meal at home

The good thing about being home is I don’t have to worry about what to eat for lunch. My parents always make comfort food and dishes I like when I come home too. So on Monday, I woke up and walked into the kitchen to find some lotus root soup in chicken stock.


It’s my favorite soup. Sometimes, my mom makes the stock with pork bones but either is delicious. I like the lotus root undercooked so that it’s still got a crunch (like an apple). It gets mushy when it’s overcooked. The soup is pretty plain, just stock and the lotus root. A lot of Chinese soups we make at home are simple and only have 1 or 2 ingredients in addition to the stock. I think the appeal of lotus root is mainly a texture thing. It’s also considered a “cooling” yin food. I’m not sure what else you can use lotus root for. The only two ways I’ve seen it used is in soup and fried. I’ve seen them just freshly sliced and fried but my grandma dries them before frying. That way you can also store the dried chips in the pantry.


I had some sticky rice with chicken also. My Dad cheated though, he used sushi rice instead of glutinous rice. There wasn’t much to it, just rice, dried shrimp, and chicken but it was tasty.

Love and peace,